Diplomat & Laura Stiel
Thermal 2012
Avianna & Kristin Hanson
Parkside 2011
Lindall Hunters
At Lindall Hunters, we will work with you and your horse to
achieve the goals you are looking for.  Our training programs
are designed around what you want to accomplish with your
horse.  The key to success is consistency and patience.  We
can customize a training program to fit your needs and keep
within a budget you are comfortable with.
Horses in our training program are treated as individuals;
each horse will have its own time requirements during
training.  We do not believe horses should be pushed faster
than they are physically or mentally able to handle, so we
develop individual programs to reach the goals of both the
horse and the owner.
The horses are trained with a program that suits each one's
unique learning and physical abilities.  This develops a
confident horse that is suitable for his job and for his rider.  
Suitability is a key factor in developing a winning combination.
We also strongly believe that the involvement of the owner is
an important part of the team effort that also includes the
veterinarian and the farrier.  With all of us working together
we maintain a happy, healthy horse!
Training Rates:

Full Training                         $600
includes: work 5 days/week,
turn-outs, blanketing, basic
clipping, and supplements fed.

Part Training                       $450
includes: work 3 days/week,
turn-outs, blanketing, basic
clipping, and supplements fed.
Board Rates:                        

MD Barn Stall                                 $500
includes rubber stall mats, auto fly spray
system & extra shavings.

16x16 Mare Motel                        $450
fully covered, 6' welded wire stalls

All board options include: premium
alfalfa hay fed 2 times daily,
automatic waters, 2 bags of shavings
per week, and daily stall cleaning.

Orchard & Bermuda grass available
by request.  
Captive Pride & Ashley Momper
Showcase 2011
Young horses are desensitized
& started with care, building a
confident horse.
For more information,
contact Vicky at
Erin McKechnie & Springwater Mystic Moon
Showing "on the buckle" to a 1st place win!
Bailey at her first horse show